New Videos Up from Digitize on Demand Program

The Boston TV News Digital Library is excited to share our first set of videos that have been digitized through our Digitization on Demand program. The 38 videos we’ve just added to the site (which you can view through the links below) have all been digitized because our users had a particular interest in seeing the content. Several of our users have been generous enough to sponsor the digitization of the content they’re interested in. Once we digitized these items, most of the footage turned out to be what we expected, although a few of them just happened to be in the same can as the film we were digitizing.An especially exciting new video is this coverage of a John F. Kennedy speech. This black and white footage from 1963 starts out with silent footage of a Democratic Party fundraiser at the Commonwealth Armory, and then features a speech by President Kennedy at the fundraiser. Continue reading

Lunar Landing, 1969

45 years ago people still weren’t sure if we would ever walk on the moon. On July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 took off on their historic mission, and four days later, on July 20th, they landed on the moon. This event was one of the most important things that had happened in human history so far. Not only was it a huge breakthrough for astronomers and other scientists, it was also a landmark in media history, drawing the largest television audience for any live event broadcast. The footage that people watched that day, 45 years ago, is a very important part of our history and has been preserved accordingly. However, because the first lunar landing was such a momentous event, there was a lot more media produced at the time, than just the footage broadcast from the moon. If you think of the lunar landing broadcast as a newscast, then there were in fact newscasts about newscasts. We think it’s important to preserve these pieces of history as well. So far we’ve been able to digitize two examples of these news stories Continue reading

Boston City Councilors

So far in 2014, we’ve enjoyed exploring the careers of some of Boston’s City Councilors, some of whom are still widely recognized as Boston icons today. There are many more City Councilors who we haven’t had time to explore, and many of them are featured in various news stories in our collections. Even though we will no longer be highlighting a specific City Councilor each month, we encourage to look into them on your own. Here’s a list of some to get you started. Continue reading

Where’s the Fire? That’s What We Want To Know!

We're convinced that the best people from whom to get information about our content are the people who were there or have a personal connection to it. These personal experts will be able to identify the location of a fire, just by recognizing a familiar street corner. Or give us the date of a protest march, because they were one of the people chanting and holding a picket sign. We need that level of familiarity in order to get the best contextual information about our news stories! That's why we're encouraging you, our users, to add what you know about these news stories to help un enhance our records and help other interested user find the videos more easily. Continue reading