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Description: Mix of different stories and footage from the year This is most likely the "Year-ender" that aired on 12/28/77 based on the few stories that can be identified. Silent footage of snow covered houses, streets and roads. A bulldozer pushing ice out of a flooded road and cars driving down a snowy and flooded highway. Waves crashing against the shore and shots of snow covered train and tram tracks. Bulldozers moving snow at Logan airport. New story. Footage of a docked Coast Guard boat. Aerial footage of a coast guard boat and shots of the boat and crew on the water. Sunrise and more aerial footage and shots of Coast guard in smaller boats. Close up of a map and a man talking about a distress call and plan for a search with boats and helicopters. New story. Cut to a different map of Massachusetts with sound of a man discussing redistricting. Shot of a street. Shot of a person holding a sign that reads, "Nantucket Vote to Secede, 1725-Yes, 404-No." B-roll of people at secession meeting? Shot of a house by the shore. New Story. Shot through a fence of a group of people. Shots of people behind a fence and a man catching a Frisbee thrown from the enclosure outside while a man shots through the fence about arrest times, appeals, and court. Indoor footage of a man in handcuffs led by police through a group of reporters. Mix of sound and silent.