New Woman Part 1-4

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Description: Slugs mixed throughout the reel read, "New Woman Part I 4/30/73 #4441," New Woman part II 5/1/73," "New Woman part 3 5/2/73," & "New Woman part 4 5/4/73." Footage of a woman sitting in a chair in her living room, a girl getting off her bike, a boy and a girl playing chess, woman gathered around long tables at a meeting, children playing at a daycare/kindergarten. Montage of several young girls answering the question of what they want to be when they grow up. The reporter asks the last girl why she said a nurse instead of a doctor. Silent moving shot of men eating in an office cafeteria ending on a close up of a business woman who works there. A series of talking heads with women describing the "new woman." Silent closeups of illustrations from a Dick and Jane book, followed by series of women discussing motherhood, the balance between a career, marriage, and childcare. Footage of a statue, a painting, old photos of women working. B-roll of the business woman in her office and female factory workers on the job. Interview with an older woman about her views on the women's liberation movement. A couple men discussing "the new woman." Interview with a woman in a studio about job discrimination. Silent b-roll of woman in the grocery store and women in a room typing. Interview with the business woman. B-roll of women walking down the street with groceries,and women working in the Registry of Probate office, including the files on divorce. Interviews with several women about identity and the troubles that women face after divorce. B-roll of women sitting outside filling out a form. Footage of woman in a meeting, children playing, women at typewriters, policewomen, the business woman at work, more footage of the divorce section in the Registry of Probate office, an airplane taking off. Mix of sound and silent. This is 1 of 3 reels related to this series of stories.