Racial Harmony Meeting

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Description: Story #7473. Interview with one of the organizers of the Racial Harmony group, Mrs. McCleod, about the upcoming forced bussing. Silent b-roll of people sitting in chairs (parents and children) at a meeting. Shot of a map of elementary school districts. More b-roll of people in attendance at a meeting. A woman in a red dress talks to the gathered parents. Interview with a white man, Steve, who thinks that there are legitimate critiques of the Racial Imbalance Law, but people's injection of racist language and attitudes into the issue isn't helpful. Interview with an African American woman, Glory, who wants to inform the public about the law. Start of outtakes which includes silent cutaways of reporter interviewing people, more of the interviews with Mrs. McCleod, Steve, and Glory. Interview with the woman in the red dress about the goals and role of the federally funded program Orientation for Integration. Mix of sound and silent.