Flynn, Affordable housing, Mandela, Mass.

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Description: Mayor Ray Flynn holds a press conference in Roxbury to unveil plans for a new housing and commercial development to be built on a vacant lot in Douglass Square. The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) cleared the land in the 1960s and never rebuilt on the lot. The owners and developers of the new project are African American. Flynn and City Councilor Bruce Bolling talk about the new development. Flynn says that all neighborhoods and all residents must share in the growth of the city. Bolling says that the proposal for the creation of Mandela, Massachusetts is a no longer an issue. Bolling and other Mandela opponents believe that the new development signifies a renewed commitment to the Roxbury neighborhood by the city of Boston.
1:00:10: Visual: Footage of Ray Flynn (Mayor of Boston) at an outdoor gathering in Roxbury. Flynn stands under a tent, addressing a crowd. Flynn talks about the vote against the proposal for the creation of Mandela, Massachusetts. Flynn says that the vote shows that the racial polarization of the city is in the past. Shot of the gathering from the back of the tent; of an architectural model. David Boeri reports that Flynn is advocating affordable housing and economic opportunity in every neighborhood. Boeri notes that Flynn unveiled a plan for a project in Douglass Square; that the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) cleared a two-acre plot of land in Douglass Square in the 1960s; that the lot has been abandoned since then. V: Shot of a mural on the wall of a building in Douglass Square in Roxbury; of buildings in Douglass Square; of a vacant lot in Douglass Square; of architectural plans and an architectural model. Boeri reports that a housing and commercial complex is slated to be built on the vacant lot; that one-quarter of the units will be set aside for low-income housing. V: Footage of Bruce Bolling (Boston City Council) saying that the project addresses the need for economic re-investment in Roxbury. Boeri reports that the developers and owners of the project will be African American; that Bolling noted that Roxbury is becoming a full and equal partner in the city of Boston. V: Shots of African American crowd members; of an African American man standing beside an architectural drawing of the project. Footage of Bolling saying that the incorporation of minority neighborhoods into a new city is a dead issue. Boeri reports that Flynn had a unity breakfast with Roxbury leaders this morning; that Flynn pledged to make the city of opportunity for all. V: Shots of the crowd at the gathering. Footage of Flynn saying that all residents need to share in the city's growth and prosperity; that development of the downtown must be accompanied by development of the neighborhoods. Boeri stands in the vacant lot in Douglass Square. Boeri says that the lot has represented an empty promise by the city of Boston to the people of Roxbury. Boeri says that Bolling and other leaders fought the idea of secession from the city. Boeri adds that these leaders say that the plans for the new project are a signal that "their time has come."