School committee vote on Wilson

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Description: Marcus Jones reports that the Boston School Committee voted eight to five in favor of renewing the contract of superintendent Dr. Laval Wilson. Some members are opposed to renewing Wilson's contract and made an effort to postpone the vote on his contract renewal. Footage from a Boston School Committee meeting. Committee member Peggy Davis-Mullen proposes to postpone the vote on Wilson's contract. Committee member John O'Bryant says that he supports the renewal of Wilson's contract. Committee member Daniel Burke questions Wilson about the high drop-out rate in the Boston Public Schools. Wilson responds. Jones reports that Wilson has acknowledged the complaints of some critics by pledging to increase parental involvement in the schools and by pledging to improve the School Department's relations with unions.
1:00:09: Visual: Footage of Daniel Burke (Boston School Committee) at a meeting of the Boston School Committee. Burke remarks that a certain motion is out of order. Shots of the School Committee members seated at the meeting; of Dr. Laval Wilson (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools) seated at the meeting. Marcus Jones reports that some members of the School Committee are opposed to the renewal of Wilson's contract; that those members made an effort to take the matter of Wilson's contract off of the agenda. V: Footage of Peggy Davis-Mullen (Boston School Committee) at the meeting. Davis-Mullen says that the decision is being forced; that the decision should wait until January. Davis-Mullen says that she does not like the way in which the decision is being made. Shot of Jones in the audience of the meeting. Jones reports that Wilson's supporters on the School Committee were able to keep the debate open. V: Footage of John O'Bryant (Boston School Committee) saying that he is prepared to support the renegotiation of Wilson's contract. Footage of Wilson saying that he has a good understanding of the school system; that he has made progress in improving the school system. Footage of Burke asking Wilson about the student drop-out rate. Wilson responds to Burke. Wilson says that reading and math scores have gone up and the drop-out rate has declined. Shots of the audience at the meeting. Jones reports that Wilson admits that he has not done enough to involve parents in the educational process. Jones notes that Wilson says that he will try to increase parental involvement and to improve the school department's relations with unions. V: Footage of O'Bryant saying that Wilson has made a lot of progress in improving the system. Shots of the members as they vote on a motion. Jones reports that the School Committee voted eight to five in favor of renewing Wilson's contract; that the details of the contract remain to be discussed.