Silver Shield rape

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Description: David Boeri reports on the ongoing investigation of the Silver Shield rape case. Boeri reviews the facts of the case and the allegations involved. The US Attorney's Office has called in all witnesses to testify before a grand jury. Interview with Peter Dowd (attorney for William Dunn and William Kennefick), who says that police officers Dunn and Kennefick have been cleared in three separate investigations of the case. Boeri reports on his discovery of two unidentified police officers who have information about the case. Boeri notes that the two witnesses have not come forward for fear of reprisals. Boeri interviews an unidentified man in a darkened room. The man talks about the case. Boeri reports that Reverend Bruce Wall was subpoenaed to testify as a result of an investigation by The Ten O'Clock News. Boeri's report includes footage of Wall and photographs and footage of the officers involved. Boeri reports that no new witnesses have been called to testify.
1:00:10: Visual: Shots of black and white photos of William Kennefick (Boston Police Department) and William Dunn (Boston Police Department). David Boeri reports that Kennefick and Dunn are at the center of allegations by Richard Armstead (Detective, Boston Police Department) concerning an alleged rape at the Silver Shield Club. Boeri reports that Armstead has testified that he was told of the incident by William Celester (Deputy Superintendent, Boston Police Department). Boeri notes that all of the officers involved have denied Armstead's allegations. V: Shot of Armstead in his home. Footage of Peter Dowd (attorney for William Dunn and William Kennefick) saying that all of the officers answered the questions truthfully and to the best of their knowledge. Dowd says that he has followed the case for four years; that the officers involved have been cleared of the accusations by three different investigations. Shot of Dowd exiting an elevator with another man. Shot of Dunn in the lobby of public building. Shots of photographs of Dunn and Kennefick in uniform. Boeri reports that Dunn and Kennefick declined to be interviewed on camera; that Dunn has expressed frustration with the continuing investigation of the case. Boeri reports that Dunn says that his career has been exemplary up to this point. Boeri adds that Dunn is disappointed that both of his parents died before he could be cleared of the allegations. Boeri notes that Kennefick has a heart condition; that he testified today against medical advice. V: Footage of Dowd saying that Kennefick testified to clear his name. Boeri reports that Dowd said that the US Attorney's office has called in all of the witnesses who have information on the case. Boeri notes that the Ten O'Clock News has reported that two police officers contend that Jose Garcia (Boston Police Department) admitted to witnessing the rape. Boeri notes that Garcia denied to the grand jury that he ever witnessed the rape. V: Shot of Boeri interviewing an unidentified man in a darkened room; of Boeri trying to talk to Garcia as he walks on a sidewalk. Garcia ignores Boeri. Boeri says that the two police officers have not come forward because they fear reprisals. V: Shot of an unidentified man. Audio of a man saying, "I remember that he said that he took her out of there at gunpoint, away from the other officers. The same night he rescued the girl was the same night he came to us." His words are written out in text on screen. The audio has been altered to prevent recognition of the man's voice. Boeri reports that Reverend Bruce Wall (Twelfth Baptist Church) was subpoenaed to testify after appearing in coverage of the case by the Ten O'Clock News. V: Footage of Boeri interviewing Wall. Boeri says that Wall admits to having a confidential conversation with Celester in August of 1982. Boeri adds that Wall does not deny being told about the rape by Celester. V: Footage of Wall saying that he believes Armstead's version of the story. Shot of Celester being questioned by Boeri. Boeri says that Celester denies ever telling the story to Wall or Armstead. Boeri reports that all of the officers except Garcia have testified before the grand jury. Boeri adds that no new witnesses have yet been called, despite the evidence uncovered by the Ten O'Clock News.