Republican gubernatorial candidates

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Description: Republican gubernatorial candidates Frank Hatch, Ed King, and John Buckley make campaign presentations to voters in Newton. Each candidate talks his record and about reaching out to minority communities in Massachusetts. Several takes of reporter standup on the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.
0:00:16: Visual: Frank Hatch (Republican gubernatorial candidate), Ed King (Republican gubernatorial candidate) and John Buckley (Republican gubernatorial candidate) make a campaign presentations before voters in Newton. Hatch says that he has worked on redistricting proposals in the House of Representatives; that he has worked with African American groups to improve African American political representation in Boston. He adds that he filed the first bill to initiate bilingual education in the state of Massachusetts. Hatch says that he has worked with groups in urban areas to recruit political candidates and to further political legislation for the benefit of constituents in those areas. Hatch says that he can count on support from those urban areas in the gubernatorial election. 0:01:34: V: King is called on to speak. King says that he will not aim any programs at specific racial or ethnic groups; that the people of the state of Massachusetts have common interests; that he will strive to improve education and the economy for all people. King says that he has the support of prominent African American leaders because they agree with his position on the issues; that Dr. Mildred Jefferson (President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life) and Warren Brown (former republican candidate for the Boston School Committee) are among the African American leaders who support his candidacy for governor. King says that he wants to pull the citizens together; that he does not want to divide them along racial lines. 0:03:35: V: John Buckley cites the example of Hubert Humphrey as a politician who was respected by all people. Buckley says that his first political fundraiser for the governor's race took place in Roxbury. Buckley notes that he employs many African Americans in the Middlesex County Sheriff's Department; that the department has tried to reach out to minorities. Buckley says that he is concerned about all of the citizens in Massachusetts; that he received over 90% of the African American vote in Middlesex County during the last election. 0:05:40: V: The moderator announces that the candidates will be available for conversation over refreshments. He adjourns the meeting. Shots of the members of the audience. The audience members are white. 0:06:00: V: Marjorie Arons stands in the front of the room. Behind her, people are gathered for refreshments and conversation. She does two takes of the closing to her story on the Republican gubernatorial race. Arons reports that Republican voters make up 16% of the voting population in Massachusetts; that the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination is lively and interesting. Arons notes that the race will be very tight; that multiple ballots may be cast at the Republican convention; that a fourth candidate may emerge to unify the party.