Description: Interviews with members of the New Hampshire Sno-Shakers Snowmobile Club about snowmobiling benefits to those who ride and the community. Interviews with two police officers about problems with snowmobilers. B-roll of people on snowmobiles driving down the road and through a field. People milling around outside the New Hampshire Sno-Shakers Snowmobile Clubhouse. Interview with a young boy and an older woman about snowmobiling. B-roll of the snowmobile club getting ready and riding through the woods and fields. Shots of snowmobile paths that run parallel and across the road. More b-roll of the snowmobile club members discussing their ride. Interview with an older woman about how she dislikes the irresponsible snowmobilers that give them a bad name. B-roll of trails, no trespassing signs, snowshoe tracks, and more people riding snowmobiles. Mix of sound and wild sound.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 03/02/1978