Description: Interview with Li'l Abner cartoonist and political satirist Al Capp in his Cambridge home. He talks about evading his father's creditors, and scheming to take semesters at various arts schools around the city. He says he likes the Boston view of the world, and talks about the influence Boston has had on his work. He talks about turning conservative. He criticizes American presidents, calling Gerald Ford ‘clumsy’ and Jimmy Carter ‘weak.’ He talks about working on Li'l Abner with a team of men.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 11/04/1977
Description: Young Americans for Freedom rally. People march carrying picket signs and American flags. An American military officer speaks to the crowd about every American's responsibility for the military officers overseas. He also asks them to support the war against North Vietnam. A young man speaks to the crowd, asking them to support bringing the troops home and better treatment for those captured in battle. Al Capp addresses the crowd, speaking the need to support captured soldiers no matter what opinion you have about the war overall.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 12/06/1970