Description: Former Boston Redevelopment Authority director Ed Logue tours and comments on development downtown and in Charlestown and Cambridge. He talks about housing prices, the vitality of different neighborhoods, and urban design. He decries prominent glass towers as insensitive to surrounding historical buildings. International Place, Exchange Place, Rowes Wharf, waterfront, Athenaeum. Audio goes out at the very end.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 12/26/1986
Description: Sound goes in and out. Footage of a meeting of the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Heated argument between Mr. Ashe and Mr. Kiley. Other members speak. During the meeting, a member of the public housing tenants community makes a speech, and other tenants sit-in and demand the resignation of the chairman. Another man gives a speech for the rights of the tenants to a large audience. Mostly demolished building. Interview with a man on the tenants movement against the BRA, particularly the Tent City protest. Bishop Stokes of the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts presents a check for $10,000 to the leaders of the tenants movement. Footage of people demonstrating at the lot at the corner of Dartmouth and Columbus in the South End. Footage of the remnants of Tent City, with reporter voice over. Close up shots of dangerous housing. Young people building structures of sticks and plastic tarps. Footage of Tent City. More of the interview with man on community involvement with the BRA planning. Interview with Mr. Rollins and another man on their protest of the BRA, after their arrests. People disassembling Tent City. Interview with BRA official on community relations with urban renewal projects. He talks about Ed Logue's work. Then he makes a statement about the state of the BRA when he took office.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 04/1968