Description: Bill Baird press conference on concerns over abortion clinic bombings and fighting back against them. He describes the types of demonstrations by antiabortion groups and the effects they have on the women who use those clinics. He proposes a "demilitarized zone" between the protesters and the women using the clinics, so that they can continue to receive treatment without being physically abused. He describes interstate efforts of pro-choice groups to analyze the attacks. He expresses anger with the FBI's lack of attention, refusal to classify the attacks as terrorism, and the institutionalized sexism of law enforcement agencies. He says that many abortion clinics are now armed and have increased defenses.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 01/11/1985
Description: Mayor Kevin White's message to citizens of Boston regarding the opening of school. He says that all residents share the responsibility for a safe opening of schools. He adds that no threat to school children or school buses will be tolerated, and that police, federal marshals, and the FBI will be on hand to enforce the court order. White reminds citizens that the education of schoolchildren must not be politicized. This tape has audible time code on track 2.
0:59:04: Visual: Chalk slate indicates production information: School Opening / Mayor White / 9 -3- 75 / Ferrante (producer) / DeBarger (director). 0:59:32: V: Kevin White reminds viewers that school starts on Monday; that the first week of school is a time of transition for teachers, students, and parents; that many are concerned about the safety of children in schools as well as safety on the streets; that many will have to adapt to the changes brought by new school assignments. White says that every citizen has a responsibility to make the school opening peaceful no matter how he or she feels about busing; that responsibility, judgement and restraint will be important. White says that every child has a right to attend school safely; that he will use every resource at his disposal to guarantee safe access to schools for all children. White says that a comprehensive safety plan has been developed to maintain peace on the streets and to avoid violence and disruption in schools. White pledges that he will not tolerate any breach of public safety; that unlawful activity posing a threat to schools, buses, or school children will be punished with the maximum sentence. 1:02:17: White says that many concerned citizens and parents have participated in the development of the public safety plan; that the plan for 1975 triples the efforts made in 1974; that 1,000 Boston police officers, 300 state troopers, 250 MDC police and 100 federal marshals will be on duty along bus routes and near schools; that 400 school crossing supervisors, 300 bus monitors and over 900 transitional aids will be employed by the city; that the FBI and special teams of prosecutors will be on hand to investigate unlawful activity. White says again that interference with school desegregation will not be tolerated; that violators of the court order risk arrest and prosecution under federal law; that the city is better prepared for the opening of school this year. White urges city residents to act with decency, compassion, and charity; to avoid violence; to set a good example for the city's children. White reminds viewers that children need to go to school; that schools need to be separate from politics and power struggles.
Collection: Evening Compass, The
Date Created: 09/03/1975
Description: Interview with a man, Richard Bates, about the recent bombings and calling for citizens to keep an eye open and let the FBI or some police agency know if they see or hear anything. Silent b-roll of the JFK federal building, a closed entrance sign, police patrolling a building, police at the Charlestown Navy Yard. People having to open their purses and bags before going onto a ship, tourists around the ship. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 07/03/1976
Description: Silent footage of paintings that had been recovered in an FBI sting. Several paintings were recovered including some by Andrew and N.C. Wyeth after being stolen from the Woolworth Estates in Maine the previous May. This is silent edited footage of the paintings followed by outtakes.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 07/19/1974