Description: This is footage from the 1972 Boston Marathon. Footage of Nina Kuscsik, the first female finisher, at the finish line. The 1972 marathon was the first year that women were officially allowed to run. Footage of people running the race. Interview with Olavi Suomalainen, the first male finisher, and an interview with Kuscsik at the finish line. More footage of Suomalainen running and at the finish line. This is 1 of 2 reels.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 04/14/1973
Description: Silent footage of the Boston Astros playing a soccer game on the Boston University field.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 08/31/1974
Description: Followup on how Chelsea is recovering on the first anniversary of the Great Chelsea fire of 1973. Footage of fire hydrant, empty lots, buildings, and the streets around Chelsea. Reporter voice over about the damage caused by the fire. Interview with a man who owned business that was ruined by the fire. Reporter voice over. Interview with another man who was affected by the fire. Reporter standup, followed by cuts. Cuts include more b-roll footage of empty lots, the streets around Chelsea, fire hydrants, reporter standup outtakes, and more from the resident interviews. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 10/14/1974
Description: Mostly black and white footage, with some color. Shots of police responding to riots after Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination. Police patrolling the streets, arresting men and loading them into police van. Crowd of young people calling to the camera. Fires and fire fighters with ladders, hoses, fire engines. Man on a stretcher in an ambulance. Destroyed gas pump. People sitting in at Boston public welfare office. Police officers jumping through open window. Broken storefront windows. Overturned cars. Exteriors of Boston City Hospital. Boston Police Radio Field Operations Unit. Crowd of police and army officers in a stadium. People being treated in hospital. Pedestrians. Police officers board MBTA buses en masse. Sounds comes in for a little bit halfway through the video.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 04/05/1968
Description: Story #929. Story about the 24 hour pilot strike threatened by the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IFALPA) for June 19th 1972 and how this will affect air traffic at Logan Airport. Pilots concerned about hijacking and want governments around the world to do more about the issue. Footage includes b-roll of Logan airport, people waiting for planes, planes on the runway, and interview cutaways. Interview with a man from Massport about how the airport will handle the upcoming pilot strike, his feelings about the strike and the safety concerns behind it, and suggestions for passengers who have flights scheduled that day. Edited story followed by cuts. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 06/17/1972