Description: Interview with Tufts sociologist Peter Dreier on “interlocking directors.” He explains that the composition of corporate boards is limited largely to white males who do not represent those affected by their policy choices. Women, poor people and ethnic minorities are excluded and their interests are not protected. The “old boys” network makes decisions that perpetuate each other's wealth inasmuch as the same small group of men are on the boards of all the large Boston banks, utilities and big businesses. There are conflicts of interest. Nuclear power plants were endorsed and financed by such groups though they are found to be unsafe and unprofitable. Dreier calls for demographically broadening board membership and raising corporate consciousness about welfare of the community. Explains the way banks redlining creates slums. Dreier says that there should be a Freedom of Information Act for big business, like there is for the government.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 10/06/1983