Description: Silent b-roll of rundown buildings and bad living conditions. Thomas Atkins holds a press conference. Exteriors of Boston Rehabilitation Plan Building. 154 Seaver St. Thomas Atkins walks through apartments, examining living conditions. Several takes of reporter standup on the rent strike. Cuts of Atkins and others speaking at press conference on Boston's attempts at building rehabilitation as part of a HUD program, and problems with the implementation of the program. They explain the efforts of the tenants to solve these problems, and the new tactics they are using against the officials and landlords.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 09/18/1969
Description: As the roster deadline approaches, more Patriots players leave the strike and join Tony Collins back on the team. Raymond Claiborne, Sean Farrell, Ron Wooten, and Darrel Holmes return to Sullivan Stadium. Interviews with some of the players, and with Holmes' agent. Interview with Patriots coach Raymond Berry. Also discussed is strike leader Gene Upshaw's claims that they are having trouble negotiating because he is black.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 10/02/1987
Description: Tony Collins press conference, explaining his defection from the striking union. Substitute Patriots practice at Sullivan Stadium. Interview with coach Raymond Berry speculates on chances with the new team. Patrick Sullivan press conference saying he thinks more Patriots will be coming back.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 10/01/1987