Description: In this story on linkage, Christy George gives history of Boston development boom and affordable housing decline. She describes proposed linkage between the two in the form of taxes on new development, the proceeds of which would go toward affordable housing. Kevin White press conference. Interview with Bruce Bolling on his proposed linkage law. Interview with housing advocate Robert McKay, who is also on the committee reviewing the linkage law. There is a discussion of how exactly linkage will work. Kevin White, Ray Flynn, Larry DiCara, and Dave Finnegan all weigh in on linkage as a mayoral campaign issue.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 08/16/1983
Description: Press conference after Suffolk County Courthouse bombing; decision to close building for safety. Talk of increased security at entrances. Also, press conference with Michael Dukakis, Frank Bellotti, Kevin White, Tom McGee, and Kevin Harrington pledging to commit all necessary resources to investigate and prosecute violent crime.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 04/22/1976
Description: Special summarizing several top news stories from 1975. Topics include budget cuts, desegregation policies, Carson Beach racial violence, Mayor Kevin White's re-election, fire deaths, Mohammand Ali at Harvard, Governor Dukakis, Charlestown busing demonstrations, Susan Saxe, Dr. Kenneth Edlein. Footage includes traffic driving through flooded roads and rain, baseball, workers trying to dig out flooded drains and plow flooded roads, riots in Carson beach, police and hurt people, reporters crowding around Susan Saxe being arrested, Dr. Edelin walking through the courthouse, Muhammand Ali speaking at Harvard, stills of a man, aerial view of the countryside, shot of a city street, reporter stand-ups, shots of research equipment, prescription bottles, a welfare demonstration, Mayor White speaking, fire damaged homes, shots of politicians and personalities, a large ship, a barking dog, Princess Ann on a Horse, boxes of Coors beer, cars in the snow. Damaged mag track causes volume to drop or sound to drop out completely in sections. Edited footage, but sound and picture are separate. Mix of sound, wild sound, and silent. Slug: "1/1/75: Year Ender 1975, Taibbi for 1/1/75 air". [Airdate on slug 1975, but all of the footage is from 1975 so airdate should be 1/1/76]
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 01/01/1976
Description: Mass of spectators gathered at Prudential Center finish line of Boston Marathon. David Ives watches. Cloudy, cold day. Airplanes fly around trailing message banners. First wheelchair finisher George Murray rolls in with police escort. Press photographers truck. Bill Rodgers wins a close race in 2:10:15. Randy Thomas and Kevin Ryan cross line. Rodgers climbs up to platform for Gov. Michael Dukakis, Mayor Kevin White and Will Cloney to congratulate him with laurel wreath and medal. He is then surrounded by press horde and police. More top runners cross. Bob Hall places third in wheelchair division. Other runners cross the finish line.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 04/17/1978
Description: Press conference held by the South End Drug Committee. They are protesting Mayor Kevin White's drug program Project Turn-off, especially the housing of the program Franklin Square House. They say that this program is not serving the needs of the black community. They accuse the program of pushing methadone into the community because of incorrect distribution methods. African American man and a white clergyman from St. Stephen's address the press. They discuss a meeting the next day which will present community programs which will better serve the community. Bottles of liquid methadone.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 08/24/1970
Description: Albert "Dapper" O'Neil, Kevin White, Joseph Timilty, Louise Day Hicks speak at the racial imbalance hearing held by the Massachusetts legislature. B-roll of audience, closeups on some anti-busing buttons and armbands. Silent footage of Royal Bolling Sr. speaking. Police standing guard outside State House. B-roll of preparations for the hearing. Closeup on Mel King on the panel. B-roll of demonstration in front of the State House. Several Boston residents come up to the podium to speak. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 04/03/1974
Description: Guests walk in front of the Museum of Fine Arts. Barbara Bush walks into the event tent. Dedication ceremony of the West Wing of the museum. Speeches given by Chairman Howard Johnson and Director Jan Fontaine cover the history of the museum and facilities of the new wing. Honored guest Barabra Bush is introduced and addresses the audience. Governor Ed King addresses the audience. I.M. Pei, and Mayor Kevin White also sit on stage during ceremony. Interiors of the new wing. Entrance to the People's Republic of China exhibit.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 07/17/1981
Description: Final program of The Ten O'Clock News. Flowers on anchor desk. Chris Lydon and Carmen Fields say their farewells. Montage of TOCN staff. Staff hugs on set during credits. Stories on Charlestown High School prom, interview with Kevin White, using the word "condom" on TV, and examination of the Big Bang Theory, which includes interviews with Philip Morrison, Margaret Geller, and Eric Lerner.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 05/30/1991
Description: Dedication ceremony of John Hancock glass tower, in lobby. General James M. Gavin is introduced and addresses the audience. Gavin and other speakers talk about the history of the building project. Thomas O'Neill and Kevin White are also on stage. Unveiling of massive reproduction of Declaration of Independence on wall of lobby. English High School chorus sings patriotic songs. Hundreds of guests crowded in lobby.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 09/15/1976
Description: Slug: "Wagler Henning Feature." Overview of the murder of Evelyn Wagler and the aftermath. In October Wagler ran out of gas and was attacked and killed by teenagers when she was returning to her car from the filling station. The teens forced her to douse herself in the gasoline she was carrying and then they lit her on fire. Footage of neighborhood where Wagler was killed, a man discussing the crime at a press conference, police removing a body from the river while people look on, Mayor White discussing the the Wagler case and other unrelated violent incidents that occurred at the same time, a man discusses racial crime in Boston. Mix of sound and silent.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 12/24/1973, 12/26/1973, 12/31/1973