Description: Cuts from a story on Wakefield High School senior, Paul Christopher, who organized an Pro-Vietnam War rally. Silent footage of people addressing crowd holding pro-Vietnam signs. Sound footage of Paul Christopher and John Volpe addressing the crowd. Silent footage of a drum corps in Revolutionary War regalia. Silent footage of Christopher at his job at a sandwich shop. Reporter standup. Silent scenes of the town. Interview with Christopher on organizing the event. He compares it to the anti-Vietnam demonstration in Washington, D.C. Reporter standup. Interview with Wakefield police chief J. Merrit Wensell on their capability to handle the huge number of people coming in for the rally. B-roll of rally. Reporter standup on success of rally. Crowd signs Star Spangled Banner. Speeches, including more of Volpe speech and speech by former Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Joseph Scerra. Scerra awards Paul Christopher a medal of merit from the VFW. Paul Christopher gets award from John Volpe in his office.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 1967