Description: Compilation of silent and sound footage about the presence of hippies in Cambridge and Boston. Harvard Square and Cambridge Common environs. Reporter standup on a police raid at a "hippie apartment" arresting members of a group called "the Diggers." Interviews with Police Sergeant Duncan O'Neill and Digger member Vernon Becker. Rock band plays to a crowd. Hippies playing music surrounded by people sitting on grass of the Cambridge Common. Interview with Dr. Faderman and Dr. Allen on the hippie lifestyle and societal reactions to the movement. Interviews with Ian Frankenstein, Lou Crampton, Sofia Gibbons, Patricia Keating and other commune members, who describe their communal accommodations and lifestyle on Fort Hill. Discussion of drug use in the hippie movement. Interview with Cambridge Mayor Daniel Hayes on his legal crackdown on hippie communities. They shoot the cutaways of the reporter Jim Pansullo reasking the questions.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 1967...1968