The Big Dig and Big Events

by Jason Ong

Here at Cambridge Community Television, I’ve been looking through our database records, and it’s refreshed my memory of some things. For example, in the past couple of years, I’d forgotten all about the Big Dig.

CCTV has some programming about the construction of that project, and I’m looking forward to watching it, to see how things have changed and if they knew back then about all the complications that would arise. This is timely because the most serious problem, a ceiling collapse in one of the tunnels, happened almost exactly five years ago, so perhaps there will be some followup news about that event.

I’m also finding coverage of certain big events that I never knew about, like a concert held in honor of Nelson Mandela’s visit to Boston (see web site header image). I plan to look through that footage, just to see who might turn up. As another example, CCTV has coverage of a parade for the 150th anniversary of Cambridge, in which John Kerry marched (this was years before his presidential bid).

Who knows what other newsworthy figures we have in our archives?