Remembering President Kennedy

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There are many ways to remember President Kennedy on this 50th anniversary of his assassination. Although our collections start just at the end of his life, there are a few bits of footage featuring his presidency, including the 1960 Democratic convention and his inauguration speech.

There is also a broad range of stories that demonstrate the way Bostonians are affected by his life and legacy everyday.

People remember him at the Kennedy Library and Museum in Boston, which features artifacts from and commentary on his personal and political life. It opened in 1979 after some controversy, an event which was documented in this story. Other important events have been held at the Kennedy Library since its opening, including the Common Ground town meeting in 1985.

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He's also remembered at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The collection is full of speeches and panels held at the Kennedy School by notable people, speaking about important topics that we must assume JFK himself would have cared about deeply.

We encourage you to search through our collections for other ways of remember Kennedy, as well. A search through out non-video assets may reveal a yet undiscovered piece, and if you're interested in seeing it, please contact us, and we'll work as hard as we can to give you and the general public online free streaming access to the content.