Where's the Fire? That's What We Want To Know!

We're convinced that the best people from whom to get information about our content are the people who were there or have a personal connection to it. These personal experts will be able to identify the location of a fire, just by recognizing a familiar street corner. Or give us the date of a protest march, because they were one of the people chanting and holding a picket sign. We need that level of familiarity in order to get the best contextual information about our news stories! That's why we're encouraging you, our users, to add what you know about these news stories to help un enhance our records and help other interested user find the videos more easily.

We've been able to put A LOT of videos up on the website in the last 6 months! Now that they're in an accessible format for viewing, we've been able to do some of the work of enhancing the descriptions and metadata, beyond what was written on the film, can, or catalog card. But we don't want it to stop there! The more information we have about each news story, the easier it will be to find. So:

  • If you spot something in a video that's not included in a description, write a comment about it!
  • If you were at an event covered by one of our news stories, share your experience!
  • If you find one of our catalog records and think that you know what might be on that tape or reel of film, let us know!