Cox, Drinan, Kennedy Sargent - on Nixon pardon

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Description: Story #9883. Statements by Father Robert Drinan, Governor Sargent Francis, special prosecutor for the Watergate scandal Archibold Cox, and Senator Edward Kennedy on President Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon. Mary McKay interview with Father Drinan on the street. Drinan thinks that the pardon is in violation of the spirit of the United State Constitution. Governor Sargent, surrounded by news microphones, does not believe that Nixon should go to jail, but the implications of pardoning him for crimes that an ordinary citizen would go to jail for is concerning. Seated at a desk, Archibald Cox reads a statement in response to the pardon, and believes that it violates the principal of our government to pardon the President in advance of the Grand Jury Hearing. Interview with Kennedy on a pier. He comments on how pardon may signify a pardon for draft evaders, and is concerned that the pardon may have been done too soon.