White Flight - pt. 1

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Description: Silent b-roll of house and a neighborhood. Interview with a woman, Mrs. Todd, about how living in an integrated neighborhood is a value to her children, so she is staying. Sound footage of her son, Steve Todd, playing the piano. Silent b-roll of Mrs. Todd and her family. Interview with Jim Todd, who also wants to stay in Dorchester. Interview with 8 year old Steve. He sees advantage in black and white children attending the same school. Silent footage of children walking down the sidewalk. Interview with Louise Day Hicks. She says her office has been receiving several calls from people who say that they will move if their kids will be bussed out of the neighborhood. Silent footage of neighborhood streets, and cutaways to Mike Taibbi. Footage of the neighborhood with reporter voice over about people selling their homes in Hyde Park. Interview with a woman who is against bussing and says she will move or home school. Silent shot of Taunton Ave. sign. Shot of road sign at corner of Fairmont Ave and Summit St. in Hyde Park with reporter standup about homes for sale in this area. Reporter voiceover about Hyde Park parents who wish to move. Interview with a realtor in Hyde Park. Silent shots of "For Sale" signs, and a moving shot down a street, a group of children walking, some children playing, several shots of street signs, shots of houses and schools. Interview with a man who is against bussing, but doesn't want to move. Silent b-roll of reporter at table with man, his wife, and son. Interview with man's son, Richard, who in 10 years old and will have to be bussed in the fall. Silent shots of family around the table. Reporter standup about parents who plan to stay and defy the bussing law. Silent b-roll of family around the table, shots of Richard and his sister. Interview with Richard's mom. More silent b-roll of family, houses, and a school. Mix of sound and silent. Reel 1of 2.