Construction Workers Demonstration, pt.1

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Description: Story #1024. Story on construction workers demonstrating outside of the State House. They are upset because of delays in the Park Plaza Project. Footage includes construction workers leaving a work-site, cut to groups of workers marching down the street. Large protest of construction workers in front of the State House. Silent footage of Governor Sargent in a meeting room. Followed by more silent footage of the demonstration. A man climbs a flag pole and a shot of another man on a statue. Sound footage of Governor Sargent seated at a desk. He says that he will be meeting with several people to discuss how they are trying to resolve the issue. Interview with one of the Labor leaders who says that they will be meeting with the Governor to determine who is "lying" about Park Plaza plan and why it is not going forward. More silent b-roll of the protest. This is 1 of 2 reels.