Construction Workers Demonstration, pt.2

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Description: Story #1024. Story on construction workers demonstrating outside of the State House. They are upset because of delays in the Park Plaza Project. Silent footage of the protest including a large crowd, a man climbing up flag pole, men with signs on the stairs of the building, police surrounding the flag pole and removing men from walls. Sound footage of some of the leaders of the protest inside the state building. One man interviewed by a group of reporters. He says that they met with political leaders to "straighten out" difficulties with projects in "Park Plaza, the West End, and the airport." Governor Sargent makes a statement about the protest and his meeting about the Park Plaza Project with some of the labor leaders, and answers reporter's questions. Sound footage of the demonstration including shots of the protesters chanting "We want jobs" and "We want Sargent", Governor Sargent yelling into a bullhorn and fighting with the crowd, and protesters hanging a straw-man from a crane. Some footage of the labor leaders walking into the meeting room with Governor Sargent. B-roll of men working in a construction site, leaving the site, and marching to the State House. More sound footage of the demonstration. Mix of sound and silent footage. This is 2 of 2 reels.