Year Ender: Chelsea Fire

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Description: Slug: "1/1/74: Year End Chelsea Fire". Footage includes, several buildings on fire, firemen fighting the fire, national guard leaving a truck and walking through the fire aftermath, Ted Kennedy and others tour the aftermath, interview with a woman (Charlene) who lost her house, more shots of the fire and firemen, a man asking people to leave the area, a red cross shelter, aerial view of the fire, people in a shelter and a nun sorting through donated goods, Charlene walking down the street, bulldozers clearing the wreckage of buildings, People loading belongings into a station wagon and driving away, army trucks, National Guard men assembled on the sidewalk and marching into the Massachusetts National Guard building (which is being used by the Red Cross), more of the interview with Charlene about her experience the day of the fire. Mix of sound, silent, and wild sound.