Year Ender: Walpole/ John Boone

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Description: Slug: "12/24/73: Year End Walpole John Boone." Overview of the events at Walpole prison from the beginning of the year until the end of summer. John O. Boone, a prison abolitionist who believed that prisons needed to be phased out, was appointed Corrections Commissioner at the beginning of 1973, and in the spring Walpole prison guards went on strike demanding Boone's removal. The prisoners were left to run the prison themselves, and when the guards returned there was a power struggle that ended with guards and riot police entering the prison to stop a nonviolent protest by prisoners. Boone was fired by Governor Sargent in July 1973. Footage includes John Boone speaking about unrest, shot of riot damage at Walpole, a man criticizing Boone, Police ready to go into the prison, inmates, police in riot gear, prison guards, b-roll of Walpole prison, a man calling for Boone to be removed, person on a stretcher, and a hearse arriving at the prison. Mix of sound and silent.