Cambridge Sportstalk Live: Waldy Clark & Jimmy Myers

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Description: In studio, Richard Dargan introduces Bob MaGuire (CRLS track coach), Jesse Cody, and Jason Boyd (two CRLS track team members). MaGuire talks about some of the members of his team. Cody and MaGuire talk about his involvement in track. Boyd talks about his involvement in track. MaGuire talks about the operation of the team. Cody and Boyd talk about MaGuire’s coaching style. MaGuire talks about college track. Cody and Boyd talk about their future goals. MaGuire talks about his team’s performance at the Penn Relays. Dargan plays “The Road to Foxboro,” a video about Waldy Clark, (former member of CRLS football team, former member of BC football team, currently free agent for the New England Patriots). Clark and his former CRLS coach Wadie Geraigery join Dargan in studio. Clark talks about his Patriots training and their mini-camp. Geraigery and Clark talk about his performance in high school and college. Clark talks about special teams and receiving kicks. Clark talks about his family’s reaction to his college football career. Geraigery talks about BC’s use of Clark as a defensive back and why the Patriots have him as a cornerback. Clark talks about his BC football career and public expectations. Geraigery talks about BC football team management. Clark and Geraigery talk about Clark’s Patriots football career. Clark talks about his 18-month old son. Clark talks about youth football programs in Cambridge. Clark talks about advice he would give to younger players and the need for cities to support youth programs. Geraigery talks about the need for a good coach. Clark talks about Geraigery’s coaching style and his parents’ influence. Dargan plays clips of Jimmy Myers’s sportscasting. Myers joins Dargan in studio. Myers gives his opinion on the Celtics chosen players (Jon Barry, Darren Morningstar) in the recent draft. He says that the Celtics choose their players on the basis of whether older players like Bird, Parrish, and McHale will still be playing. He talks about how he began sportscasting and how he became interested in sports when he was younger. He talks about his first sportscasting experience in college radio. He talks about later experiences at other stations and in TV. He talks about his experiences in Boston and New York. He talks about working in Boston as a Black man in a sometimes-racist environment. He talks about Harvey Araton and Filip Bondy’s book, “The Selling of the Green.” He talks about unsuccessfully applying for a Red Sox play-by-play job. He talks about the difficulties of being a Black sportscaster and ongoing problems of racism. He talks about interviewing a teenage Patrick Ewing. He talks about defunding of educational programs, which he considers a higher priority than athletic programs. He discusses perceptions of Black people. Dargan plays a clip of a story Myers produced about Ed Pinckney. In studio, Kevin Hubbard and Richard Hypolite join Dargan and Myers and they all discuss problems with the current Red Sox team.