A Community Responds: The AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts

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Description: Voiceovers from different people about their first experiences with AIDS, over a photograph of an AIDS patient. In interview, Larry Kessler (AIDS Action Committee) talks about difficulty in doing outreach. Jerome Groopman (Deaconess Hospital) talks about the unknown nature of the disease. Jay Lodie credits early activists with progress. Interviews are intercut with photos of newspaper articles. Narrator Gerry Studds, in voiceover, explains the origins and actions of the AIDS Action Committee. Anne Marie Silvia (AIDS Action Committee) discusses some of the issues related to AIDS. Jeanne Blake (WBZ) talks about a news story she did about AIDS. Groopman talks about the government’s response, intercut with photos of doctors and activists. Voiceover continues about AIDS Action Committee’s early clients, during footage from a WCVB news story covering a protest march and candlelight vigil. Kessler talks about some patients, intercut with photos of patients. Voiceover continues about Action Committee’s volunteers, intercut with photos of volunteers. Kessler, in voiceover, talks about volunteers, over footage of volunteers. Voiceover continues talking about Patrick Buchanan and William F. Buckley’s reactions. Lodie talks about negative community reactions. Footage of patient Paul DiAngelo from a WGBH news story, intercut with photos, about reactions from other people. Kessler talks about hostile reactions to AIDS patients, intercut with photos of patients, and talks about the mission of the Committee: to advocate for and support patients and to educate the public. Voiceover continues about the Committee’s educational hotline. Voiceover continues about recognition of AIDS during footage from a WBZ news story about the death of Rock Hudson. Blake talks about resulting increased interest in the disease. Footage from a WBZ news broadcast about Hudson. Voiceover continues about Committee’s actions, over photos of newspaper and magazine stories. Peter Page (American Red Cross) speaks about Committee’s work with Red Cross staff. Silvia talks about blood donors. Footage of C. Everett Koop (Surgeon General) giving a statement about AIDS. Voiceover continues about lack of government response. Footage of George Bush (Vice President) talking about blood testing for certain groups of people. Footage from a WCVB news story about a protest march where Kessler was arrested. Kessler talks in interview about lack of government response. Voiceover continues about controversial sexually explicit AIDS prevention material, over photos of material and newspaper articles about the controversy. Silvia and Kessler talk about the material, over photos of material and editorial cartoons about the controversy. Connie Amaral talks about the need for explicit information. Voiceover continues about the increase in HIV infections, over photos of magazine covers. Groopman talks about the spread of the disease among different groups. Belynda Dunn (AIDS Action Committee) talks about her educational work, intercut with footage of her at work. Groopman talks about the challenge for the Committee and the impact of their work. Amaral talks about the positive impact of the Committee on her life. Voiceover continues about Committee activities, over photos of newspaper articles and educational materials. Richard Learning (AIDS Action Committee) talks about volunteer experiences, over footage of volunteers at work. Blake talks about the value of the Committee. Voiceover continues about the influence of patients on the Committee. Footage and photos of AIDS patients, all deceased, speaking in interviews and in public, ending with Lodie. Voiceover concludes about the work of the Committee, over photos and footage of marches. Credits over music.