Titicut Follies

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Description: Roger Goodrich interviews Elliot Richardson, Massachusetts Attorney General, on the Frederick Wiseman film, Titicut Follies. He explains his objection film based on it's lack of regard for individual rights and privacy. He talks about the situation under former Attorney General Ed Brooke during which the film was made with the understanding that those individuals not able to give consent would not be featured. Cutaways of reporter asking questions. Footage of the Massachusetts Superior Court hearings on the film. A man who worked at Bridgewater State Hospital, where Titicut Follies was filmed, answers many questions. He mentions that his deputy forbade the cameras from going anywhere near Albert DeSalvo, the alleged Boston Strangler. Corrections Commissioner Gavin also answers questions. Outtakes of reporter standup. Silent courtroom scenes. Exteriors of the Massachusetts State House. Silent footage of Frederick Wiseman in the courtroom, talking to reporter Bill Harrington.