Women's Lib.

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Description: Outtakes of interviews with women at Government Center plaza. They talk about the next day's Women's Strike for Equality and discrimination against women, especially in job opportunities. Some women talk about the downsides of women's rights movements. Interview with man on the separation of men's and women's work. Environs of Women's Strike for Equality at Government Center plaza. Interviews with men watching the strike on the women's liberation movement. Interview with Marine Sergeant on the women in the Marine Corps. Reporter cutways. Woman addresses a crowd by the Anne Hutchinson statue near the Massachusetts State House about women's liberation issues and International Women's Day. Anne Hutchinson's descendant, also named Anne Hutchinson, speaks. Mary Lou Thompson, author of Voices of the New Feminism attends. Connie Burgess, head of the Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation speaks. Governor Frank Sargent speaks in support of these women. Women, including Ms. Freeman address an audience in a talk entitled "Feminism- Past, Present, and Future," covering the history of women's rights and the newly formed rap groups, which give women a place to come together and explore the sexism inherent current society. Outtakes of reporter standup. Women singing and speaking at a rally supporting women's rights and criticizing the Vietnam War. A group of lesbians speak about their alternative lifestyle and community. They shout "888 lives," referring to the Harvard building at 888 Memorial Drive that women had previously taken over to form the "Boston Women's Center."