Women's Lib.

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Description: Compilation of footage on multiple women's rights protests. Women bundled up sitting outside the Harvard building (888 Memorial Drive) they took over and renamed the "Boston Women's Center." A group of young men walk to the building with signs reading "Liberate Women Not Buildings. A man speaks as a representative of the Harvard Republican Club for Equality and Economic, Political, and Social Opportunities for Women, and he criticizes the women's methods of protest because they include breaking the law. The women make noise over his speech, and some of the women shout responses. The men picket in front on the building. Further exchanges between the two groups. Women hold a press conference three days after the takeover where they discuss their demands and the support of the women in the community. Another press conference on March 14, a week after the takeover. Women move out of the building. They hang a new banner on the outside of the building. People gather to watch the women moving out. Harvard police patrol the outside of the building and break open the front door. Interview with a man in the crowd. Press conference held by Boston College students on their petition demanding Ann Flynn be reinstated as Dean of Women and the sit in of Boston College students in administration offices. Another young man at the press conference also addresses the issue of military recruiting on college campuses. They discuss the involvement of Father Seavey Joyce, President of Boston College. Students gathered at a rally.