Modular housing pilot project

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Description: Marcus Jones reports on the construction of modular townhouse condominiums in Roxbury. He notes that the condominiums are affordable housing developed by a private developer. Jones tours the condominiums with tenant Kay Williams. Interview with Williams and future tenant Wanda Wallace about the condominiums. Interview with Alan Harap of the Bergmeyer Development Company about the modular condominiums. Harap says that the condominiums are an economical approach to affordable housing in Roxbury. Interview with Shay Allan of the Boston Public Facilities Department about the affordability of the condominiums. Jones reviews the price of the condominiums and notes that mortgages are available through the state's home ownership program. Jones notes that private developers can profit from building modular units for affordable housing.
1:00:05: Visual: Shot of a modular housing unit being lowered onto a site by crane. Marcus Jones reports that modular homes are built in factories, loaded onto trucks and placed on plots of land. V: Shots of a driver operating a truck; of a modular housing unit on the back of a truck; of a worker supervising the descent of a modular housing unit onto a site. Footage of Wanda Wallace (future homeowner) holding her infant as she is interviewed by Marcus Jones. Wallace says that she never expected the condominiums to be ready so soon; that she thought the condominiums would be very expensive. Jones reports that Wallace's family and four other families will be moving into the modular condominium townhouses. V: Shot of the site of the condominium townhouses. The townhouses are being constructed. Shot of workers using a drill to put the buildings together. Shot of Kay Williams (future homeowner) and Marcus Jones touring the interior of one of the buildings. Footage of Williams saying that she is happy to be able to afford to stay in the neighborhood; that the neighborhood will be a desirable neighborhood in a few years. Shots of the interior of one of the condominiums; of the bathroom in one of the condominiums. Jones reports that the condominiums are affordable housing developed by a private developer; that the private developer approached the city with the idea for the project. V: Footage of Alan Harap (Bergmeyer Development Company) standing in front of the site. Harap says that the Roxbury condominiums are a pilot project for the company; that there are many vacant lots in Roxbury where affordable housing could be built. Shot of a man directing the driver of a truck. The truck has a modular housing unit loaded onto the back. Jones reports that the 2-bedroom townhouses range from $86,000 to $100,000; that low-interest mortgages are being provided through the state's home ownership program. V: Shot of the interior of one of the townhouses; of the street below from the window of one of the townhouses. Footage of Shay Allen (Boston Public Facilities Department) saying that the homeowners will only need to put down a 5% downpayment on the townhouses. Shot of a crane being used to place one the modular units on a site. Construction workers oversee the placement of the unit. Footage of Harap being interviewed by Jones. Harap says that constructing buildings on site is more economical for large developments; that modular housing is an economical way to put affordable housing on small, scattered sites. Jones stands in front of the townhouse site. Construction continues on behind him. Jones reports that the developers say that modular units can be used to provide affordable housing anywhere; that the demand is great for affordable housing; that the developers will profit from meeting the demand.