King budget address

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Description: Governor of Massachusetts Ed King gives budget address for fiscal year 1984. Efforts include health care, correctional institutions, education, services for the elderly, housing, career training, law enforcement. King describes his budget recommendation as lean, tight, frugal, economically sound, socially aware, and fair. Reporter Janet Wu interviews state Representative Johnston on his view of the state budget. He describes it as the most irresponsible budget he has heard out of the seven he has seen since becoming part of the legislature and believes it should be rejected. He compares it to a republican budget, similar to that of Ronald Reagan. He believes that King's budget turns its back on the poorest people in the state. Another man is interviewed who agrees with Johnston. Wu then interviews Representative Cohen about his impressions of the governor's state budget address. He explains that the governor does not have local aid fund in his budget. Cohen proposes decreasing state operations in order to increase local aid without increasing the state budget.