Hardison funeral

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Description: Christy George reports on the funeral of Charles Hardison, who was a good student and star tennis player at Milton High School. Hardison was shot in his home. The funeral is held at Ebenezer Baptist Church and many people attend. George reports that many people consider the suburbs of Boston to be safe from the problems of urban violence. Interviews with mourners Wilson Henderson, Theresa Jenkins, and Roosevelt Stokes outside of the church. Jenkins says that Hardison's death has brought people of both races together. Henderson talks about the problem of violence. George talks about Hardison's accomplishments at Milton High School. George's report includes footage from WCVB of Hardison with his tennis team. George notes that Hardison's death challenges stereotypes about urban violence and race relations.
1:00:04: Visual: Footage of mourners at Ebenezer Baptist Church for the funeral of Charles Hardison (Milton resident). African American and white teenagers console one another. Christy George reports that African American and white mourners consoled one another at Hardison's funeral. V: African American and white teenage boys lean against a car. Two white girls hug an African American boy. George reports that Hardison belonged to both the African American and white communities. V: Shots of mourners entering the church. Audio of Reverend Kirk Jones (Ebenezer Baptist Church) saying that no one will ever completely understand why Hardison died. Shots of two African American women comforting one another. George reports that Hardison was shot to death in his home on Wednesday. George reports that the media has reported that police visited the home to speak to his mother's boyfriend; that the media has reported that Hardison may have argued with a member of a Boston gang. V: Shots of white and African American mourners on the steps of the church; of African American and white mourners standing on the street outside of the church. Shots of flower arrangements being removed from the church. Shots of an African American man comforting an African American boy. Shots of African American and white teenagers leaving the church, holding tennis rackets. Audio of Jones talking about Hardison's good qualities. Footage of Wilson Henderson (mourner) that Hardison's death was completely unexpected; that violence threatens people in their homes. Footage from WCVB of officials carrying a stretcher from Hardison's home. George reports that Hardison lived in suburban Milton; that many see Milton as a safe haven from urban violence. V: Shot of a street sign for Adanac Road; of the exterior of Hardison's home on Adanac Road. George reports that Hardison was sixteen when he died; that Hardison was the co-founder of a chapter of Students of African Descent at Milton High School; that Hardison was captain of his tennis team. George reports that Hardison visited the Soviet Union last summer; that Hardison won all of his tennis matches against Soviet players. V: Footage of Hardison playing a tennis match. Footage from Cityline/WCVB of Hardison boarding a bus. Hardison is seated on the bus. Hardison says that he encourages other players to try their best. Footage of the casket being carried from Ebenezer Baptist Church. Audio of Jones leading the mourners in prayer during the funeral service. Footage of Theresa Jenkins (mourner) saying that Hardison's life was cut short; that Hardison's death brought people of both races together. Footage of Reverend Roosevelt Stokes (Ebenezer Baptist Church) saying that Hardison touched many people by the time he reached the age of sixteen. Stokes says that Hardison will be missed. Shot of a hearse pulling away from the church. George stands on a street in Milton. The funeral procession passes behind her. George reports that Hardison's death challenges stereotypes about urban violence and safe neighborhoods. Goerge notes that Hardison's death also challenges stereotypes about teenagers and race relations.