Laval Wilson

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Description: Marcus Jones reports on proposals by Laval Wilson (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools) to improve educational standards in the Boston Public School System. Jones' report includes footage of Wilson at a press conference. Wilson discusses his goals and agenda for improving the level of education in the school system. Jones reviews Wilson's proposals. Jones' report includes footage from an interview with John Nucci (President, Boston School Committee). Nucci comments on Wilson's proposals and talks about efforts by the Boston School Committee to find funding for the proposals.
0:59:59: Visual: Footage of Dr. Laval Wilson (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools) at a press conference, talking about his goal to improve the level of education in the Boston Public School System. Marcus Jones reports that Wilson has proposed a comprehensive education improvement plan for the schools; that the plan is now under review by the Boston School Committee. V: Footage of Wilson saying that 20% of first graders did not pass first grade last year; that Boston students do not read well; that students do not perform well on standardized tests. Jones reports that the average senior graduating from Boston Public Schools read at a seventh grade level; that Wilson wants to raise that level. V: Shots of students in a classroom; of male high school students in the hallway of a high school. Footage of Wilson saying that graduating seniors should be able to read at the eighth grade level at least; that eighth graders should be able to read at a sixth grade level. Shot of a school hallway. On-screen text lists Wilson's proposals for stricter promotion standards, for more reading assignments, for programs to retain dropouts and for an increase in writing and math course work. Shots of a teacher teaching reading to elementary school students; of students in the classroom. Jones reports that budget cuts may force the layoff of forty teachers. V: Footage of Wilson saying that some positions and programs can be cut from the budget. Footage of John Nucci (President, Boston School Committee) saying that the School Committee needs to find ways to fund Wilson's initiatives; that the School Committee is already cutting the school budget by $10 million. Nucci says that Wilson's proposals are valuable; that the School Committee will cut the budget to fund the proposals. Jones stands outside the offices of the Boston School Committee. Jones reports that Wilson's initiatives will address sixteen areas of concern in the school system; that Wilson submitted thirteen proposals to the School Committee today.