Charlestown High environs

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Description: Charlestown environs. Charlestown High School and Monument Square, Bartletts Street, Bunker Hill Street and St. Francis de Sales Church. Children ride bicycles in Monument Square. People are gathered in the park beside St. Francis de Sales Church. Shot from the park of the port. Racist, white supremacist and antibusing graffiti is visible on buildings on Medford and Main Streets. Shots of Medford and Main Streets. Pedestrians walking along streets. Children play at a playground. Audio goes in and out.
0:00:23: Visual: Shot across Monument Square of Charlestown High School. Shot of the top of the building, including school name carved into the stone. A broken window at the school has been patched up. The streets around Monument Square are quiet. A child rides his bike along the street. Shots of Bartlett Street, beside the school; of the Bunker Hill Monument. 0:05:35: V: Children ride their bikes in Monument Square. Shots of Bartlett Street; of racist graffiti on a building on Concord Street; of Concord Street. 0:09:24: V: Shot of Bartlett Street. Traveling shot up Bartlett Street. Traveling shot continues on to Elm Street and on to Bunker Hill Street. Traveling shot continues up Bunker Hill Street. Shot of St. Francis de Sales church. Cars are parked along both sides of Bunker Hill Street. An older man walks slowly along the sidewalk and stops in front of one of the houses. Two young men walk down the sidewalk of Bunker Hill Street. 0:14:26: V: Teenagers are gathered in the park beside St. Francis de Sales church. A group of people sit on steps in the park, looking at the view of the port. Gas tanks and industrial ships are visible in the port. Long shot of park and the port. Children play in the playground at the park. Shot of two children on swings with wrought iron fence in foreground. Shot of older man on a park bench with wrought iron fence in foreground. A girl takes a drink from a water fountain. 0:17:43: V: Traveling shot of Medford Street. Shot of a garage on Medford Street with white supremacist and antibusing graffiti. Traveling shot of Main Street. Mishawum Park apartments are visible. An older man sits with another person on the stoop of a dilapidated building. Shot of white supremacist and antibusing graffiti on a building at the corner of Essex and Main Streets. Video is distorted at end of tape.