Pre-war prayer service

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Description: An ecumenical prayer service is held at St. Paul's Cathedral in Boston. Members of the clergy including Reverend Diane Kessler of the Massachusetts Council of Churches, Bishop Methodius of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of New England, Reverend Kenneth Grant of the Presbyterian Church, and Bishop Barbara Harris of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts lead people in prayers for a peaceful resolution to the Persian Gulf Crisis. Interviews in front of the cathedral with attendees of the prayer meeting, who express their desire for peace. Portions of the news story are accompanied by a hymn. Following in the edited story is additional b-roll of exteriors and interiors of St. Paul's Cathedral and people attending the prayer service.
1:00:14: V: Shot of a banner hanging outside of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul. The banner reads, "Let reason and compassion replace the temptation of war." Shots of people entering the cathedral. Footage of an older man being interviewed outside of the cathedral. The man talks about the joy of prayer. Shots of people seating themselves in the church. Footage of the Reverend Diane Kessler (Massachusetts Council of Churches) addressing the prayer meeting. Shots of attendees of the prayer meeting; of attendees praying. Footage of Bishop Methodius (Greek Orthodox Diocese of New England) leading a prayer. Bishop Methodius prays for George Bush (US President) and Saddam Hussein (Iraqi leader). Bishop Methodius prays for a peaceful resolution of the Persian Gulf crisis. Footage of a white woman being interviewed outside of the church. The woman talks about the spiritual impact of a group of people gathered in prayer. Shots of an attendee singing a hymn; of the prayer service. Footage of the Reverend Kenneth Grant (Presbyterian Church, USA) addressing the prayer meeting. Footage of a white man being interviewed outside of the church. The man says that he is afraid for Americans, Kuwaitis, Iraqis, and other human beings. Shots of attendees praying; of Kessler and Bishop Barbara Harris (Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts) standing at the altar. Shots of the prayer meeting. Footage of an older white man being interviewed in front of the church. The man says that miracles can happen; that good can come from evil. Footage of Harris addressing the prayer meeting. Harris says that the alternatives to war have not been fully explored by those in power. Portions of the new story are accompanied by a hymn.