Harvard: Where do we go from here?, Part 1

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Description: Originally broadcast as a WGBH news special, this tape was later used as source material for Ten O'Clock News stories. Roger Fisher moderates discussion among students, administrators, faculty about student strike at Harvard over ROTC, Afro-American studies, expansion into Boston and Cambridge. Louis Lyons starts by reading the news from Harvard. Participants include Jim Kiernan, a WGBH consultant; Brey O'Connell, a member of the Committee for Radical Structural Reform; Richard Rubinowitz, a representative of Harvard New College; Hugh Calkins, a member of the Harvard Corporation; and Norman Daniels, a member of the Strike Committee and of the Student for a Democratic Society. First segment of the program provides some radical Harvard students the opportunity to speak to a member of the Harvard Corporation. Another students, King Collins, starts using explicit language, and the audio was cut during the original broadcast. Much argument over who has right to speak. reel 1 of 2.