Kelly sues BHA

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Description: David Boeri reports that Boston City Councilor James Kelly along with City Councilor Dapper O'Neil, and white public housing tenants walks to the courthouse to file a suit against the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to stop the federal plan aimed at ending the city of Boston's discriminatory public housing policies. The federal plan mandates a citywide waiting list for public housing, on which the position of white tenants has now dropped. Boeri reports on the housing situations of Pamela Walsh (plaintiff) and William Katramados. Boeri notes that both are on the waiting list for public housing and their positions on the waiting list have dropped. Interview with Walsh and Katramados. Boeri's report is accompanied by footage of Walsh with her two children in temporary housing and by footage of the Katramados family's overcrowded apartment. Kelly, at a press conference, says that the federal plan gives minority applicants preference. He adds that white tenants are being denied housing on the basis of their race. Boeri reports that Kelly has been unable to find a law firm to take the case.
1:00:16: Visual: Footage of James Kelly (Boston City Council), Dapper O'Neil (Boston City Council), and a small group of people exiting City Hall. Kelly, O'Neil and the group walk across City Hall Plaza. The group with Kelly and O'Neil includes white applicants for public housing. David Boeri reports that Kelly will file suit to stop the federal plan aimed at remedying discrimination in Boston's public housing policy. Boeri notes that Kelly's fellow plaintiffs are white housing applicants. Boeri adds that Kelly says that white housing applicants are the real victims of discrimination. Boeri reports that Pamela Walsh (plaintiff) is living with her parents in Cambridge while she is on the waiting list to get into public housing in South Boston. V: Shots of Walsh walking through a small park; of Walsh with her children in the basement of a house. Footage of Walsh pointing out where her children sleep. Shots of Walsh and her children in a kitchen. Boeri reports that Walsh had been sixth on the waiting list to get into the Old Colony Housing Project in South Boston; that Walsh is now 483rd on a city-wide waiting list under the new federal housing plan. V: Footage of Walsh saying that she had been on the waiting list for five years; that she will now have to wait another two or three years. Boeri reports that William Katramados (plaintiff) is married; that there is no room for him to live in his family's apartment. V: Shot of Katramados walking into a housing project building. Footage of Boeri in the Katramados' apartment with William Katramados and his family. A family member says that eight people live in the apartment. Shots of family members in the crowded apartment. Boeri reports that Katramados's wife lives with her mother, her brother, her sister and her children in the apartment. V: Footage of the family members indicating the bed where one of the children sleeps. Katramados' daughter says that she sleeps in her mother's room. Footage of Boeri being shown a bedroom by William Katramados and Sandra Katramados (wife of William). Shot of an infant in a cradle. Boeri reports that Sandra Katramados shares a room with her five-week-old babies and her daughter; that William Katramados lives in Brighton. Boeri notes that the Katramados family was third on a waiting list for a larger apartment until the federal housing plan took effect. V: Footage of William Katramados saying that the family is now around number 2,000 on the waiting list. Boeri walks outside of the Maverick Street Housing Project. A group of children cool off in a spray of water from a fire hydrant. Boeri reports that the Katramados requested another apartment in the Maverick Street Housing Project; that the Katramados were willing to wait for an apartment to open up in the project. Boeri reports that the new federal housing plan consoidates waiting lists for individual housing projects into a city-wide waiting list. V: Footage of Kelly and O'Neil walking down a street with Katramados and other plaintiffs. Shot of Katramados. Boeri reports that Kelly accuses the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of victimizing the plaintiffs; that Kelly wants HUD to target the metropolitan area for public housing integration. V: Footage of Kelly speaking from a podium. The plaintiffs are seated behind him. Kelly says that the federal plan gives minority applicants preference on the city-wide waiting list; that other applicants are denied housing on the basis of race under the federal plan. Boeri reports that Kelly was unable to find a law firm to take the case; that Kelly may have to argue the case himself in court.