Desegregation in Lowell

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Description: Hope Kelly reports on school desegregation in Lowell. Kelly notes that the minority student population in the Lowell Public Schools has doubled over the past ten years. She adds that Lowell has become a magnet for immigrants from Southeast Asia. Kelly interviews students in the Lowell public schools about school desegregation. Kelly interviews Jane Mullen (guidance counselor) about the diversity of the school population. Kelly notes that students are currently bused in order to achieve racial balance in the schools. She reports that opponents of school desegregation are fighting for neighborhood schools. Kelly reviews the racial breakdown of the student population at the Bartlett School in Lowell. Kelly's report is accompanied by footage of ethnically diverse students in a classroom and school cafeteria. Kelly's report also includes footage of a bilingual class and footage of the Merrimac River. This edition of the Ten O'Clock News also included the following item: Marcus Jones reports on school desegregation in Lynn, Massachusetts
1:00:07: Visual: Shots of industrial machinery in operation; of children playing at a playground; of industrial buildings; of two women sitting on a park bench; of historic buildings in Lowell; of a child looking out from a window of an apartment building; of the Merrimac River running through Lowell. Hope Kelly reports that tension in the city of Lowell stems from school desegregation. V: Shots of a bird on the shore of the Merrimac River; of an old brick building; of the water of the Merrimac River. Footage of a white female student saying that adults want students to be able to choose which schools to attend. Footage of a white male student sitting with an Asian American female student. The white male student says that adults are arguing about politics and where kids of different races should go to school. Shots of a students getting lunch in a school cafeteria. Footage of a Latino male student saying that it is good for students to meet different people from different backgrounds. Shots of students boarding a school bus. Kelly reports that opponents of school desegregation in Lowell are arguing for neighborhood schools. V: Shots of an African American female student in the cafeteria; of Asian American students in the school cafeteria. Footage of students in a classroom in the Bartlett School in Lowell. Shots of individual students. Most of the students are Asian American. Kelly reports that the student population of the Bartlett School in Lowell is 20% Latino and 25% Asian American. Kelly notes that the minority population in Lowell Public Schools has doubled in the past ten years; that the schools enroll 450 new bilingual students each year; that 100 new Southeast Asian immigrants come to Lowell every week. V: Shot of an Asian teacher in a third- and fourth-grade Cambodian bilingual classroom. The teacher teaches a lesson to the students. Footage of Mary Jane Mullen (guidance counselor) giving Kelly a tour of the school. Mullen says that there was a large Latino population in the school ten years ago; that there is still a significant Latino population; that there were many Greek-speaking students at the school ten years ago; that there are no longer many Greek-speaking students at the school. Footage of an Asian male student named Paul, who says that he is not very good at reading books; that homework is hard. Kelly reports that Paul is one of 160 Southeast Asian students at the Bartlett School. Footage of Kelly interviewing a group of students sitting at a table. A white male student talks about how people used to come to Lowell to work in the mills. Shots of a mill building with broken windows; of a renovated mill building. Kelly reports that Lowell has always had a significant immigrant population; that buses bring children to schools across the city in order to achieve a racial balance. Shots of students standing outside of a school building.