Brooke visuals

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Description: Visuals related to the district attorney's inquiry into the finances and divorce case of Senator Edward Brooke. Shots include court drawings, newspaper headlines, and articles from The Boston Globe, photographs of A. Raymond Tye (Boston liquor wholesaler) and Brooke, and the typed cover of the district attorney's inquiry.
1:54:07: Visual: Shots of court drawings relating to an inquiry into the divorce case of Edward Brooke (US Senator). The drawings include Brooke sitting in the courtroom, lawyers approaching the judge's bench and testimony being given. 1:56:50: V: Shot of newspaper articles and headlines about the Brooke case. One Boston Globe article has a headline reading, "Brooke admits to swearing falsely on $49,000 loan." Another article includes a photo of A. Raymond Tye (Boston liquor wholesaler). 1:57:44: V: Shot of the typed cover page of the district attorney's inquiry into the Brooke divorce case. 1:58:32: V: Shot of another court drawing related to the inquiry into the Brooke divorce case. The drawing shows the judge sitting at the bench. The stenographer is seated in front of the judge. The lawyers stand in the courtroom. 1:59:24: V: Shots of the front page of The Boston Globe from Tuesday, August 22, 1978. A headline reads, "Brooke case: Fraud found, he's cleared. Medicaid to in-law held illegal by state panel." 2:00:39: V: Shots of a still photo of Brooke.