Description: Kris Rondeau speaks at a rally, intercut with shots of attendees. She talks about the success of the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers and their disputes with Harvard administration. She ends by introducing Jesse Jackson. Jackson leads a chant of “Keep Hope Alive!” for a couple of seconds. He speaks about worker pay, the economy, and Harvard. He speaks about workers at Harvard and claims that they cannot pay Harvard tuition. He speaks about hospital workers who cannot afford healthcare and states the need for a national healthcare plan. He speaks about equal pay for women, benefits for workers, and other problems in America. He speaks about the need for coalition and the need to push for change. He speaks about his plan to meet with Harvard’s president and what he will discuss. He speaks about Harvard’s endowment and its character. He speaks again about the need for coalition. He speaks about mistreatment of minorities in World War II, links this to current situations in Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, and South Africa, and to current situations in the U.S. He speaks about the L.A. Riots and racism. He ends the speech with calls to action and takes a press question about his plan to meet with Harvard’s president. Credits over shot of statue and protest sign, over audio of man and chorus singing.
Collection: CCTV