Description: Christy George reports that a Los Angeles Times poll shows Michael Dukakis leading the field of candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. Jesse Jackson is also a strong contender in the wake of candidate Gary Hart's withdrawal from the race. Speaking to the media, Dukakis dismisses the importance of polls. Interview with Bruce Bolling, the co-chair of Jackson's Massachusetts campaign, who says that the Jackson campaign will challenge the notion that a person of color cannot be president. George's report is accompanied by footage of Jackson campaigning, by footage of Dukakis campaigning and by footage of the Dukakis campaign staff at work.
1:00:02: Visual: Shots of Michael Dukakis (Governor of Massachusetts) campaigning on a street corner. Shots of Dukakis shaking hands with voters at a political gathering. Christy George reports that Dukakis was named as the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in a poll by The Los Angeles Times newspaper. George reports that Dukakis does not want to become the "new Gary Hart." George notes that the extra visibility is good for Dukakis' campaign nationwide. V: Footage of Robert Farmer (fundraiser for Dukakis' presidential campaign) in Dukakis's State House offices. George reports that a good showing in the polls can help a candidate's fundraising operation. V: Footage of a smiling Dukakis saying that there are no frontrunners in the race for the Democratic nomination. Shots of Dukakis campaign workers making telephone calls; of campaign signs reading, "Dukakis for president." Shots of campaign workers organizing paperwork and typing; of two men standing in the offices of the Dukakis campaign. George reports that Dukakis takes nothing for granted after losing the 1978 gubernatorial race to Ed King (former governor of Massachusetts) in an upset. V: Shots of campaign workers assembling folders with Dukakis campaign information; of Dukakis walking up the stairs inside the State House. George reports that Dukakis is fourth in a Time magazine poll; that Dukakis is second to Jesse Jackson (candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination) in a Newsweek poll; that Dukakis leads in the poll by the LA Times. V: Footage of Dukakis in his offices, saying that "undecided is number one in the LA Times poll." George notes that Jackson is a strong contender for the nomination. V: Shot of Jackson at a campaign rally. Footage of Bruce Bolling (Co-chair of Jackson's Massachusetts campaign) saying that Dukakis appeals to voters who liked Gary Hart (US Senator); that Jackson could also appeal to those voters. George notes that Bolling is upset that Jackson has not been named as Hart's successor. V: Shot of Jackson campaigning. Footage of Bolling saying that race will be a significant issue for the Jackson campaign; that some voters will not consider voting for a woman or a person of color to be president. Bolling says that the Jackson campaign needs to challenge the notion that a person of color cannot be president; that the media can help change those perceptions. Footage of Dukakis saying that he will not speculate on Jackson's chances of winning the nomination; that there is no frontrunner in the race; that polls are "absurd." George stands in front of the State House. George reports that the news media gave more attention last week to the Hart scandal than to the Iran-contra testimony. George notes that Dukakis probably hopes that this week's testimony will be given more attention than his standing in the polls.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 05/11/1987