Description: Hope Kelly reports that John Sasso, the former Chairman of Michael Dukakis' 1988 campaign, addressed members of the World Trade Club and spoke about the campaign. Sasso spoke about the Democratic Party, the role of Jesse Jackson, and the failure of the Dukakis campaign to win over voters. Sasso talks about the need for the Democratic Party to recognize Jackson's leadership. He also says that negative political advertising was not the reason for Dukakis's defeat. Kelly reviews Sasso's career and his role in the 1988 presidential campaign. She reviews Sasso's resignation from and return to the Dukakis campaign. Kelly's report includes footage of Dukakis and Jackson at the 1988 Democratic National Convention and footage of Sasso during the 1988 presidential campaign.
0:59:07: Visual: Footage of John Sasso (former chairman, 1988 Dukakis campaign) saying that he and Michael Dukakis (Governor of Massachusetts) are taking the time to reflect on the successes and failures of the campaign. Hope Kelly says that Sasso has been taking stock of the 1988 Dukakis campaign. V: Footage of Sasso addressing the World Trade Club. Sasso talks about the need to identify the lessons to be learned from the 1988 campaign. Kelly reports that Sasso says that the Democratic Party needs to recognize the role of Jesse Jackson (African American political leader). V: Shots of Jackson addressing a campaign rally; of Jackson greeting supporters in the street; of Jackson hugging a supporter. Footage of Sasso speaking at the World Trade Club. Sasso says that Jackson has "an original mind;" that Jackson is a "gifted motivator." Sasso says that the Democratic Party needs to find the courage and skill to relate properly to Jackson. Sasso says that Jackson will trouble the Democratic Party until they recognize his role. Shot of Jackson, Jaqueline Jackson (wife of Jackson), Dukakis, and Kitty Dukakis (wife of Dukakis) sitting together at an event in July, 1988. Shots of Dukakis; of Jackson. Audio of Sasso saying that Democratic Party leaders need to get organized to do a better job. Footage of Sasso saying that he does not agree with those who say that negative advertising played a big role in Dukakis's defeat. Kelly reports that Sasso believes that there was a fundamental failure on the part of the Dukakis campaign. V: Shots of the audience at the World Trade Club luncheon. Sasso says that the Dukakis campaign failed to make voters realize the need for a change in leadership. Kelly reports that Sasso reflected on the state of the Democratic Party; that Sasso made no reference to the personal feelings of himself or Dukakis. V: Shot of Dukakis speaking. Sasso stands at his side. Kelly reviews Sasso's role in the Dukakis campaign, including his resignation in September of 1987. V: Footage of a CBS news report from September of 1987. Dan Rather reports that the Dukakis campaign was responsible for damaging revelations about Joseph Biden (US Senator). Dukakis speaks from a podium. Dukakis acknowledges that Sasso provided tapes about Biden to the New York Times. Sasso appears at press conference to resign. Kelly notes that Sasso had also worked on the campaign of Geraldine Ferraro (former US vice-presidential candidate). V: Footage of Ferraro at a campaign rally. Shots of Dukakis and Ray Flynn (Mayor of Boston) sitting in the audience. Sasso whispers in Dukakis' ear, then moves away. Kelly reports that Sasso rejoined the Dukakis campaign after an 11-month absence. V: Footage of Sasso at a gathering. A woman says "Welcome home" to Sasso. Footage of Sasso speaking to the media after his speech at the World Trade Club. Sasso says that his absence from the campaign had nothing to do with Dukakis's loss.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 01/19/1989