Description: Gay rights supporters shout, clap, chant outside Senate chambers of President of the Senate William Bulger, urging a vote on gay rights bill. Footage of police with sitting protester whom has handcuffed himself to the Senate balcony. Courtroom officer stomps on stomach of demonstrator laying on floor. Protestors give opinions on protest and gay rights bill. Footage of demonstrators holding hands, chanting. Reporter mentions Governor Michael Dukakis as a long-time proponent of the bill. Interview with Sen. Royal Bolling Sr., who gives input on bill. Police officers wearing gloves to protect from AIDS. Clips of Senate sign above door to chamber in which bill is being discussed. Story is followed by b-roll of protesters chanting; obstructing door to chambers. Police and Senate officials interact with protesters.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 01/04/1988