Description: Marcus Jones reports on the ordination of Reverend Barbara Harris as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, which has been the focus of international attention and controversy. Press conference held by Harris and David Johnson. Harris says that she will seek understanding with opponents of her ordination. Interviews with James Solheim of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and Greer Gordon of the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. Solheim talks about about opposition to Harris's nomination and his support of her nomination. Gordon talks about the reasons for the Roman Catholic Church's opposition to the ordination of women.
1:00:01: Visual: Footage of Reverend Barbara Harris (Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts) at a press conference. Bishop David Johnson (Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts) sits next to her. Harris says that she is pleased that the consent process is nearing completion. Shots of the media at the press conference. Marcus Jones reports that it has taken four months for Harris to convince Episcopal Church leaders of her qualifications to be Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. V: Footage of Johnson saying that some Episcopal leaders are afraid of women taking over the Episcopal Church. Johnson says that he disagrees with those leaders; that it is important to share the ministry. Footage of Harris saying that her ordination as bishop presents theological and emotional problems for some. Harris talks about the need to seek understanding and reconciliation with opponents of her ordination. Jones reports that the ordination of women into the priesthood has long been controversial among Christian religions. Jones reports that Harris's ordination has been the focus of international attention. V: Footage of the Reverend James Solheim (Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts) saying that Harris' election has polarized the Episcopal Church. Solheim says that Harris' election to bishop is a first in the history of the Church. Solheim says that some religions leaders do not believe that a woman should stand in apostolic succession. Footage of Greer Gordon (Catholic Archdiocese of Boston) saying that there is no evidence of women having been admitted into the realm of the apostles. Gordon talks about the principle of apostolic succession. Gordon says that the apostles are seen as a direct line from Jesus. Shot of Pope John Paul II. Jones reports that the Episcopal Church was born out of a separation from Roman Catholicism; that the Roman Catholic Church still bans the ordination of women. V: Footage of Gordon being interviewed by Jones. Gordon talks about and quotes from the Scriptures. Gordon talks about the beginnings of the Roman Catholic Church as represented in the Scriptures. Footage of Solheim saying that the Scriptures should not be read "legalistically." Solheim says that there are many laws in the Scriptures which are not followed today. Jones reports that Harris will be installed as bishop on February 11, 1989. Jones notes that it will be a time of celebration for some; that it will be a time of soul-searching for others.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 01/25/1989