Description: B-roll of campaign workers holding campaign signs and handing out flyers for mayoral candidates Ray Flynn and Mel King, and other political candidates. Poll workers check in voters at polling stations. Voters stand in line to vote. A poll worker holds a stack of absentee ballots. Exteriors of the Mel King for Mayor headquarters. Campaign staff members work and make telephone calls at the campaign headquarters of Flynn and King. A Flynn worker telephones voters to remind them to vote for Flynn. Campaign workers for King and Flynn are gathered outside of a polling station in the evening. Some campaign workers approach voters. One campaign worker remarks on the cold weather. Voters stand in line and vote at a polling station. Shot of a voting booth.
1:00:00: Visual: Shot of a street corner posted with campaign signs for Mel King (candidate for mayor of Boston) and Craig Lankhorst (candidate for Boston School Committee). Footage of campaign workers holding signs for Mark Roosevelt (candidate for Boston City Council), King, Lankhorst, and Abby Browne (candidate for Boston School Committee). The workers give out flyers to people as they enter a building. Shot of poll workers sitting at a table. Voters are lined up in front of the table. 1:00:48: V: Shots of campaign workers in front of a building, holding signs for Roosevelt, King, Browne, Ray Flynn (candidate for mayor of Boston), and others. Shots of the interior of a a polling station. Poll workers are seated at a table. Two women confer on one side of the room. One of the women examines a stack of absentee ballots, which she holds in her hands. Shot of a voter list being examined by a poll worker. Shots of poll workers at the table with the voter lists. Shot of the stack of absentee ballots on the poll workers' table; of the cover of the "City of Boston List of Registered Voters" for 1983. 1:04:17: V: Shots of the headquarters for the King mayoral campaign. King campaign signs are posted in the window. A man is heard speaking into a bullhorn, urging voters to vote for King. Shots of the crowded interior of the King headquarters. Several campaign workers are present. One campaign worker is organizing a ride to the polls for a voter. Shot of a sign for the Rainbow Coalition. 1:05:57: V: Shots of the interior of the Flynn campaign headquarters. Campaign workers are telephoning voters to remind them to vote for Flynn. 1:06:47: V: Shot of two campaign workers standing in front of a building, holding Flynn campaign signs. In the background is a King supporter with a King campaign sign. People are gathered in front of the building. Shot of the white King supporter talking to an African American man. Shots of the people gathered in front of the building; of two men walking away from the building. 1:08:18: V: Footage of a woman entering a polling station in the evening. She refuses the flyers offered to her by campaign workers. The campaign workers joke about how cold it is outside. The campaign workers hand out more flyers to voters as they enter the polling station. Shot of campaign signs covering a pole on the sidewalk of a busy street. 1:09:48: V: Footage of the interior of a polling station. Poll workers sit behind a table as they check in voters. A white voter is shown to a polling booth. Poll workers continue to check in voters. 1:12:00: V: Footage of an African American male voter checking in with the poll workers. Voters stand in line to enter the polling booths. Shot of a ballot on a voting machine with levers. Shot of voters feet as they stand in the voting booths.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 11/05/1983