Description: Mayor Ray Flynn proposes million-dollar cut in Boston Public Library funds. Flynn cites funding used for new positions, fringe benefits, and unnecessary accouterments instead of library services. Library representative speaks in BPL courtyard about the effect of cutbacks. Footage of employees working at circulation and card catalog. Brief clip of Congressman William Bulger in court. Various Library representatives explain job functions and loss at BPL. Flynn explains that library fund must be focused on branch services instead of fringe benefits.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 06/27/1989
Description: Several takes of reporter standup on the Boston Public Library having to shut down the bookmobile. Exteriors of Boston Public Library older (McKim) building. Pan of the inscription “The Commonwealth requires the education of the people as the safeguard of order and liberty.” Move to the attached modern building entrance. Interiors of the Library. Sign reads “Effective Sunday, February 13, the Library will be closed on Sundays until further notice.” Patrons in line at circulation desk in lobby. Librarian stamps due dates on borrowing cards. Patrons at reading tables in research room.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 03/15/1977
Description: Four stories from 1983. 1) Urban development in Boston is an issue in the mayoral race. Helicopter aerial of skyline from harbor. Tilt up Prudential and Hancock towers. Pan of Copley Place. Anthony Tappe of Boston Society of Architects comments on deterioration of Victorian Boston because of the scale of new development, making for a less desirable and livable city. Controversy over Mayor Kevin White's intense involvement in urban planning process is discussed by mayoral candidates at a BSA forum on the future of city planning. David Finnegan, Dennis Kearney, Lawrence DiCara, Robert Kiley, Ray Flynn, Mel King. Robert Ryan, BRA director. Marriott Long Wharf Hotel. 2) The dichotomy between preserving rent control/affordable housing and encouraging free market business development through condo conversions in Boston. Struggle of 87-year-old Hester Hurlbutt of 250 Commonwealth Avenue to stay in her apartment. Mel King comments on housing displacement. Ray Flynn favors ban on evictions. David Finnegan disagrees, worried about economic climate. Scenes of Back Bay, Copley Place, Boston Public Library. Sign for luxury condominium for sale. Mayoral candidates Dennis Kearney and Lawrence DiCara campaigning. 3) Latino voters will have an impact on Boston's mayoral race. Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Hernandez, Yohel Camayd-Freixas endorse Mel King. Jose Masso, Gov. Dukakis' Hispanic liaison, says Latinos will split ideologically according to their respective nationalities. 4) Joseph Nelson and Mabel "Matty" Matheson talk about the tradition of the Fenway Victory Gardens. Other plot tenders revel in the therapeutic value and beauty of gardening. Views of flower beds and vegetables.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 1983
Description: Compilation of footage concerning women's liberation. People parachuting. A ceremony honoring servicewomen. Auditorium full of people. Exteriors of Harvard building (888 Memorial Drive) taken over by women and renamed the "Boston Women's Center." Crowd of children outside the taken over building. People outside the door to the Massachusetts House of Representatives Gallery. Governor Frank Sargent outside of the State House, with women addressing crowd about women's liberation. Older people eating meals in a cafeteria. Friends of Louise Bryun Walk for Peace gathered at Copley Square and march through downtown Boston. Louis Bruyn is a woman who walked from her home in Newton, Mass. to Washington, D.C. to protest the Vietnam War in 1971. Exteriors of the Boston Public Library. People on benches at the Boston Common. Women, and a few men, at a banquet. Riverside community resident holds a press conference. Dormitory, possibly a women's prison. Press conference in front of "Boston Women's Center." Exteriors of Old Cambridge Baptist Church. Exteriors of Lyons Hall and other campus environs at Boston College. Women march out of "Boston Women's Center" with banners. Women wrapped in blankets guard the door. Closeups on the electric box outside the building. International Women's Day demonstration on Boston Common in front of the State House. Women speaking at an event.
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 03/1971