Description: A pageant of Kennedy family members (including matriarch Rose and Jackie Onassis) assembles at Faneuil Hall to hear Sen. Edward Kennedy announce his presidential candidacy. Ted appears but the tape does not include the announcement itself.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 11/07/1979
Description: Profile on the Kennedy family's humor. Examples of Kennedy family dry wit and sense of humor illustrated by quips from Rose, Robert, Edward and John. John Kenneth Galbraith remembers JFK's wit in a speech at a conference as part of the "Profile in Courage" awards at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Award recipient Charles Weltner shares his favorite JFK story.
Collection: Ten O'Clock News
Date Created: 05/29/1991
Description: Sidney Farber honored by American Cancer Society - Farber, Mary Lasker, Ted Kennedy in attendance. First speaker maybe board president of ACS. Mary Lasker speaks at podium and presents Farber with ACS gold sword. Farber makes a long speech. Kennedy gets up to speak about Vietnam and is cut off"
Collection: WHDH
Date Created: 07/24/1967, 11/08/1967, 12/10/1968, 09/18/1969
Description: Rose Kennedy Afternoon Campaign Tea Party. Ted Kennedy's wife Joan, their children, and campaign manager Joseph Kennedy on stage in front of a cheering crowd. Ted Kennedy Jr. introduces Rose Kennedy onto stage and she speaks to the crowd. Reporter voice over with no image. Footage of Ted Kennedy speaking in front of a crowd in a tent. Shot of Michael Dukakis in the crowd. Ted Kennedy on the stage with Rose Kennedy at the Tea Party event. Sound.
Collection: WCVB Collection
Date Created: 09/12/1976